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Expected to ship March 2022.


The 12V100AH Cranking battery gives you the best of both world's for your cranking battery. 1200 CCA's and Eternal Lithium's ability hold high voltage, even at a low state of charge, gives you the piece of mind to know you'll always be able to start your outboard. Eternal Lithium's cranking battery also gives you the Eternal Power needed to run your graphs, power poles, pumps, stereo and whatever else you so desire to Eternally power while on the water. Camp and fish two days and just keep an eye on your battery's charge levels at all times via bluetooth from your smartphone with the app. All this and only 23 pounds! 1/3 the weight of a those 70 pound scam lead acid or AGM batteries!


23.8 lbs.




12V 100Ah Lithium Cranking Battery

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