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Our 12V135Ah Dual Purpose cranking battery is built for those needing more juice.


Features 1200 CCA's.


Fits in group 31 trays.



length 12.92’’
width 6.78’’
height 8.75’’



32.63 Pounds (14.8Kg)



Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)

Water Dust Resistance: IP67

Capacity 135Ah

Nominal Voltage 12.8 Volts

Full Charge Resting Voltage 13.32 Volts

Energy Storage 2432Wh (2.432KWh)

1200 CCA's

Run time @ 25Amp load 5.4 Hours @ 77°F (25°C)

Self Discharge Rate ≤4%/Month



Charging Temperate Range 24~131°F

Charge Method CC/CV
Absorb Voltage(CC) 14.0 to 14.4 Volts

Maximum Current 135Amps @ 77°F (25°C)

Recommended Current 67Amps

Recommended CV Time 15 minutes

Charge Efficiency 99%

Can run up to 4 in series or paralell


Discharging Temperate Range -4° ~ 140°F (-20°C- 60°C)

Discharge Current 135A Continuous

Marine Cranking Amps 1500
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10Volts; Any cell (2.5 Volts)

Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect 12.0 Volts

Short Circuit Protection 2000A for 250μS
Short Circuit Protection Release - Disconnect the load


Discharge Test - 100% DoD @ 1C

Discharge Test Results - >6000 cycles ~ 80% remaining Capactiy

Storage Temperature Range(Recommended) -4°F ~ 95°F (-20°C - 35°C)


Battery Protection

BMS Control PCM
Over Voltage, per Cell, Open 3.95 Volts ± 0.03 Volts (15.5V)
Over Voltage, per Cell, Release 3.75 Volts ± 0.05 Volts (15.0V)

Over Discharge, per Cell, Open 2.50 Volts ± 0.05 Volts (10.0V)

Over Discharge, per Cell, Release  2.70 Volts ± 0.05 Volts (10.8V)

Over Current 675Amps 5mS
Over Current Release Disconnect the charger or load
Over Temperature 140°F (60°C)
Over Temperature Release 122°F (50°C)
Low Temperature Charge, Open 24°F

Low Temperature Charge, Release 32°F

MOSFET Over Temperature, Open 194°F

MOSFET Over Temperature, Release 158°F


12V135Ah Dual Purpose Cranking Battery with Bluetooth

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