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The 12V160Ah offers big power and bluetooth monitoring from your smart phone via our Bat Check app, simplifying even further to one app for your trolling motor and cranking batteries.


Nominal Voltage 12.8V

Nominal Capacity 160Ah

Energy 2048 WH

Max Charge Voltage 14.6V

Cut off Voltage 10V

Charge Current 100A

Continuous discharge current 200A

Max Discharge Current 40A

Cold cranking current 1200 CCA

Dimensions 13.6"*7.48"*9.55"

Weight 35.47lb

>4000 times (0.2C cycle, Room temperature, capacity

Month self discharge <3% per month at 25°C


BMS Functions:

Overvoltage protection, Undervoltage protection Overcurrent protection, Temperature protection, Short-circuit protection


Charge High Temperature Protection 60 °C

Charge Low Temperature Protection 0 °C

Charge Low Temperature Recovery 5 °C


Discharge  High Temperature Protection 65 °C

Discharge Low Temperature Protection  -20 °C

Discharge Low Temperature Recovery -10 °C


Water Dust Resistence IP67



12V160Ah Dual Purpose Cranking Battery with Bluetooth

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