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Our newest addition is our 16V80Ah deep cycle battery that is perfect for guys who want a dedicated battery for their forward facing sonar on their boat. They are also the go to for kayakers to run their graphs and forward facing sonar on their yak. With the cutoff voltage being over 13V, you will never lose any picture quality as long as this bad boy has juice. 


For this Battery you currently need to use the Esword BMS app to connect via bluetooth. For android We will email you a file to download it. We are currently in the process of streamlining all batteries to one EL app!



10.23" x  6.61" x 8.34"



22.22 Pounds (10.1Kg)



Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)

Water Dust Resistance: IP67

Capacity 80Ah
Nominal Voltage 16 Volts
Full Charge Resting Voltage 17.5 Volts

Energy Storage 1280Wh (1.28KWh)
Run time @ 25Amp load 3.2 Hours @ 77°F (25°C)

Self Discharge Rate 7mA, Sleep 500μA


Charging Temperate Range 32° ~ 131°F (140°F Max.)

Charge Method CC/CV
Absorb Voltage(CC) 17.5 to 17.75 Volts

Maximum Current 30Amps @ 77°F (25°C)

Recommended Current 20Amps

Recommended CV Time 15 minutes

Charge Efficiency 99%

Can run up to 4 in series or paralell


Discharging Temperate Range -4° ~ 140°F (-20°C- 60°C)

Discharge Current 30Amps

Continuous Discharge Current 3 seconds <90Amps
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 12.5Volts; Any cell (2.5 Volts)

Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect 13.5 Volts

Short Circuit Protection 120A for 1000μS
Short Circuit Protection Release - Disconnect the load


Discharge Test - 100% DoD @ 1C

Discharge Test Results - >6000 cycles ~ 80% remaining Capactiy

Storage Temperature Range(Recommended) -4°F ~ 95°F (-20°C - 35°C)


Battery Protection

BMS Control PCM
Over Voltage, per Cell, Open 3.75 Volts ± 0.03 Volts (18.75V)
Over Voltage, per Cell, Release 3.55 Volts ± 0.05 Volts (17.75V)

Over Discharge, per Cell, Open 2.20 Volts ± 0.05 Volts (11.0V)

Over Discharge, per Cell, Release 2.70 Volts ± 0.05 Volts (13.5V)

Over Current 120mps 1000mS
Over Current Release Disconnect the charger or load
Over Temperature 149°F (65°C)
Over Temperature Release 131°F
Low Temperature Charge, Open 28.4°F

Low Temperature Charge, Release 37.4°F

MOSFET Over Temperature, Open 194°F

MOSFET Over Temperature, Release 158°F

16V80Ah Battery with Bluetooth

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